Full Submission

Submissions should include:

  1. a brief Descriptive Statement, outlining the history, legal status, ownership, overall purpose and nature of the provision, subjects covered by courses and any other information the provider feels to be relevant
  2. a brief Self-Assessment report setting out the strengths and weakness of the provision, shaped around ODLQC standards, and those priority areas where the provider plans further enhancement. In the case of a re-accreditation, this must include a critical account of any changes implemented in response to the previous accreditation and the outcomes of that implementation.  Both a) & b) should not normally exceed 1000 words and will be incorporated into the report to Council;
  3. A completed Provider’s Questionnaire (FORM F3)
  4. Where the answer column says “Click and select” please choose the appropriate response.  If the question is not applicable, please mark it N/A rather than leave it blank.   Otherwise, please click on the shaded area and type.   The box will expand to fit your answer, though please try to be concise.   And if you need help at any stage, please ask.
  5. Evidence as indicated by three stars (***) in the right-hand column of the Provider Details form.
  6. Course Assessment pack, if not already submitted.
  7. Individual Course Details (FORM F4) for any other course:
  • which constitutes more than 20% of the total provision
  • Specifically agreed in discussion between ODLQC & the provider.