A. The provider, its staff, representatives and agents, conduct all promotional activity in a fair and ethical manner, follow commonly accepted best practices, and comply with all relevant legislation. 

B. All advertising or promotional material gives a clear, accurate and balanced view of the provider, its personnel, its provision, the objectives and outcomes of that provision and the ease with which this can be obtained.   All information included is real, current, and verifiable.

C. All enquiries from potential applicants are handled promptly, appropriately and sympathetically.   In particular, staff engaged in promotion do not offer educational advice unless competent to do so.

D. Providers selling through home visits take particular care to avoid the possibility of mis-selling.  

E. The applicant is made aware of their responsibility to assess the suitability of the course, and in particular in relation to their own needs, qualifications, capabilities and aspirations, before enrolment.  

F. Providers offer sufficient information to enable each learner fully to assess the suitability of a course, including an opportunity to discuss it with the provider prior to enrolment.  

G. Prior to enrolment on a particular course, the prospective learner is made properly aware of all terms and conditions relevant to that course, either in the prospectus or similar material, by correspondence, or in discussion with the provider.

H. Access requirements imposed by the provider for any course are appropriate, kept to the necessary minimum and published.

I. Enrolment when completed is confirmed to the learner, who then has a pre-defined period within which to withdraw from the course.