ODLQC Guarantee

The ODLQC Guarantee encapsulates the commitment to the learner, re-assuring the learner that support is available when they choose an accredited provider, though not if they choose a non-accredited one.
All accredited providers are asked to include a statement of the Guarantee in their prospectus or other pre-enrolment material.

The recommended wording is as follows ([x] is the name of the provider):

[x] is accredited by ODLQC, an organisation for quality in open and distance learning.
[x] meets the standards set by the Council, who are satisfied that the service you, the learner, will receive from [x] will be of good quality.

If it is not, or you cannot resolve a dispute with [x], please let us know at ODLQC. Write to:

Learner Support
6 Orchard Place
Bury Road

or use our contact us form and we will look into your case.