Rhodec International School of Interior Design

Phone number
01273 327 476
26 Old Steine
East Sussex
United Kingdom


Rhodec International School of Interior Design has specialised in the teaching of professional interior design by distance learning since 1960, and has students in some 100 countries worldwide.


Now operating 100% online, Rhodec offers courses to suit every need:


·         A FREE, no-obligation sampler course to allow prospective students to “try before they buy”

·         A one-year introductory Interior Design and Decoration Course

·         An in-depth three-year professional Diploma Course in Interior Design. This is Rhodec’s long-established flagship course, now in online format


Through its education partners, Rhodec also offers online AutoCAD training at discounted prices, and allows its Diploma Course graduates the opportunity to progress to a distance learning BA in Interior Design.